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The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce tapped Michael Newman and estudiotres.chicago to develop their new branding/identity system, all of their marketing materials as well as design and develop a new and improved website.

Since the name “Andersonville” had become such a strong brand, the various organizations needed to come together in an effort to combine their resources and market all of their services under one umbrella.

estudiotres.chicago, after a stint downtown, relocated BACK to the Andersonville neighborhood in the summer of 2011. In the past we have helped the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce realize branding for three of their major annual events: Midsommarsfest – Andersonville Arts Weekend – Andersonville On Sale


These Logotypes had been reused, in one sense or another for subsequent annual marketing.

logo-design-02These three logos were also featured in the Taschen Publication Logo Design Volume 1 and Logo Design Volume 2, an internationally distributed book of logo and identity systems. (The Midsommarsfest logo even made the cover)


After exploring several concepts based on iconic imagery from the neighborhood, we landed on the recognizable Andersonville “Water Tower”. The water tower on top of the Swedish American Museum had been a dominant focal point in Andersonville’s skyline since 1927.

Our goal was to combine the neighborhoods unseen personality with a stylized icon depicting it’s most recognizable landmark.