Brightwok Kitchen is a veggie focused, asian inspired restaurant with two locations in Chicago. Since 2015, they have been happily serving the Chicago community one "BWK Bowl" at a time. They believe in daily prep, which is why they marinate and grill their meets, make and mix their sauces, and chop their colorful vegetables bright and early everyday. They also celebrate each season with new and exciting menu additions based on available local produce and exciting flavors.

After researching our interior and branding work for Cemitas Puebla, owner, Jeremy Klaben approached estudiotres to help him design his vision for Brightwok's environmental experience.

"Our kitchen is a welcoming, happy & inspiring place where connections form and thrive."

Jeremy Klaben | Restaurateur

As Interior Branding Designers for Brightwok Kitchen, we have designed, built and installed several bespoke furniture and interior features for the front of the house.

Adams Street Location
Feature Wall

The Brightwok Feature Wall Installation for their first location was designed to draw people into the space. Over 20,000 chopsticks were painstakingly inserted into individual holes that were drilled out over three full days of labor. The goal was to take the viewer on a explorative discovery of... "oh, thats cool"... "wait, are those chopsticks?"... "that's incredible!"

Each 4 foot tall letter is made up of pine chopsticks place .25 inch apart in a stacking pattern. Each hole had to be individually drilled into the wall in order to make sure each chopstick protruded from the wall at 6 inches. The scale and detail of the installation gives the piece a must-see-to-believe gestalt.

State Street Location
Feature Wall/Seating

The Brightwok Feature Seating Installation was designed to be a focal point for the restaurant’s State Street Location. Made to allow the visitors to have their photo taken in front of the 7,155 one inch wooden balls laid out on the interior wall to read “The Future Is Bright”. Up close the messaging is abstract and difficult to read, but once seen through the camera lens the letters and words become clear.

State Street Location
Booth Seating

The Brightwok Booth Seating for the restaurant’s State Street Location was designed to be one of the first things the guest sees when they enter the space. The design is meant to narrate the customers view around the space clockwise in order to direct them to the ordering line.

The clean simple parsons style structure is accentuated by the matching heights of the seat backs and the table tops. The cantilevered top “shelf” ties all the sections together to give the appearance of a solid piece of furniture simply placed in it’s natural organic space.

Cemitas Puebla

Cemitas Puebla.



estudiotres was tasked with the complete rebranding of a popular yet unpolished taqueria in Chicago that had recently taken on investor/partners in order to expand their locations as well as their narrative. The restaurant, Cemitas Puebla, had a reputation in the city amongst hipster foodies and celebrity chefs. It was featured in Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and was a regular spot for famous chefs like Curtis Duffy.

"The unique design should fit right into to one of the hottest dining districts in Chicago while simultaneously paying homage to the restaurant’s roots."

Chicago Eater Magazine

The challenge was to take the restaurants marketing and gestalt into a cleaner less “dive” oriented space in which to attract the demographics of their new locations all while ensuring that the base clientele, the hipsters and foodies, approved so as to not bury the restaurant in vitriol reviews meant to discourage growth and success. The desire to be the only person who “knows about this place” was strong amongst the original customers.

Our solution was to put the owner, Tony Anteliz, out front. He was a bit of a known personality already and had a natural and approachable way of interacting with his customers. The idea was to give Tony the restaurant space and branding he would have already had if he had our experience and creative execution in the beginning. He was in charge, it was his vision that we just needed to create a linear narrative for and execute visually.

The result was a brand based on the history and culture of his hometown of Puebla, Mexico. We used hand drawn/painted black and white imagery along with subtle browns in order to create a modular branding system that we could mix an match depending on the media or campaign.

The restaurant was designed to be minimal yet narrative, with hand painted black and white murals on white walls and dark wood architectural features that led the customers through the space.

Natural Resources Defense Council

Natural Resources Defense Council.

Environmental Advocacy


The Natural Resources Defense Council’s Midwest Office named estudiotres Agency of Record for their regionally specific identity system and their “GoRiver” educational and outreach campaign. Over the years we've collaborated closely with NRDC Midwest for all of their events and publications.

Since 1970 NRDC has worked to ensure the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities.

estudiotres was responsible for NRDC Midwest’s GoRiver campaign. This included a Web Presence, including website, social media and eblasts. We also managed all Media buying which included Radio Spots (working closely with NPR and other Chicago area Stations), T.V. and Public Advertisements (including Bus, Train and Walkway Billboards).



Industrial Properties


Since opening our doors, estudiotres has been providing high end marketing materials for CBRE Industrial Property Groups. This includes Offering Memorandums, Executive Summaries, Floor Plates, Site Plans, Mapping and Photography.

CBRE is a commercial real estate services and investment firm. It is the largest company of its kind in the world.

Since opening our doors, estudiotres has been providing high end marketing materials for CBRE Industrial Property Groups. This includes Offering Memorandums, Executive Summaries, Floor Plates, Site Plans, Mapping and Photography.

In our 18 year client relationship with CBRE, we have created marketing materials for over 250 large portfolio and individual offerings.

Its necessary to provide CBRE's potential customers a mountain of information about the market in which the Industrial Property or Portfolio is located.

The challenge for CBRE is to convert constantly changing raw numbers into easily navigable and narative design. We create modular informational graphics that can be quickly updated as the raw data changes... Sometimes daily.

When you’re selling a Property or Porfolio with sometimes millions of square feet numbers can important... and boring. It can be challenging to create an offering that can visually transition from beautiful photography and cartography to the seemingly confusing numbers of a ten-year cash flow projection.

At estudiotres, our process allows us to think holistically about a projects visuals to create a consistent design thoughout a memoradum or presentation.

The data is handed off to us as a simple excel file and we are able to quickly convert those numbers into a compelling and linear design.



Identity Systems

Planet Earth

Hundreds of identity systems across almost any industry one can think of. From local brick and mortar, to internationally visible branding marks and standards, estudiotres' identity systems are what we are most passionate about.

Recognized with national and international awards, seen in several design publications, and perhaps most notably, featured in the Taschen Publishing's Books, LOGO DESIGN, VOL. 1+2.

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Taylormade + Adidas Golf

Taylormade + Adidas Golf.



estudiotres was tapped to design and create several online micro sites for TaylorMade and Addidas Golf.

We collaborated with NYCA, and advertising agency based in San Diego, to design and develop several interactive flash based features for TaylorMade Golf’s Tour Burner drivers, irons and fairway/hybrid clubs.

"This is the game we play today. We win with technology."

Taylormade | The #1 Driver in Golf

Holos Asset Management

Holos Asset Management.



Wealth and Asset Management Companies come in all shapes and sizes. From independent one person financial advisors to massive institutional investment firms.

But one thing the companies in the financial sectors all have in common is the need for a well executed Brand + Identity System that accompany marketing materials that are consistent in messaging and visuals.

HOLOS Asset Management is a small, nimble asset management firm that wanted to meet with potential clients that were historically reachable to only large institutional brand name money management companies.

We created a clean and simple branding / identity system guidelines that could be easily integrated into their internal materials. The goal of any brand is to be consistent and recognizable.

"Our product was superior, we simply needed to look as good as our numbers are."

Seth Hanau | President Holos Asset Management

Through consistent copy writing prose, visuals and typography we were able to create several marketing avenues including: Brochures, Folders, Post Cards, and Performance Addendums that made Holos look like the big boys in their sector.



Business Network


estudiotres created a clean, timeless and modular branding and identity system that has won several awards and been featured in many publications including Two Taschen Books.

Most recently, we created the redesigned Andersonville Neighborhood Guide. It was a complete departure from past guides and featured a photography heavy design and beautiful advertorial spreads.