Bright Mirror

Product Design



As Interior Branding Designer for Brightwok Kitchen in Chicago, we have designed, built and installed several bespoke furniture and interior features.

The Bright Mirror was designed and built to visually match the interior branding throughout the restaurant. A red oak frame sandwiched between Welded 1″ square tube steel and Polished Edge Bath Mirror features a sleek classic frameless design. Made of high quality silvered mirror, this simple and functional mirror provides maximum clarity. The protective coating prevents tarnishing and the 0.1 in. thickness makes this mirror durable and long lasting. Easy to hang with keyholes and hanging hardware. Horizontal mounting is available upon request. This versatile mirror is perfect for your bathroom, bedroom or living room.

24″ x 36″ x 2″
steel, red oak, mirror

The Brights Movement is an international intellectual movement. The members of that movement refer to themselves as “Brights”. They hold a naturalist worldview.

Most Brights believe that public policies should be based on science (a body of knowledge obtained and tested by use of the scientific method). Brights are likely to oppose the practice of basing public policies on supernatural doctrines. Brights may therefore be described as secularists.

The most politically active Brights frequently and openly advocate scientocracy, the practice of basing public policies on science. They look forward to living in an era when the best available scientific evidence provides a foundation for the humane and compassionate operation of human societies.