Enviro Group Presents Frosty the Snowman 2.0

Enviro Group Presents Frosty the Snowman 2.0

12 21 09

You know the song: Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly, happy soul, with a corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of cucumbers... Cucumbers? Yes. The old lyrics just don't cut it in the age of climate change. Coal is dirty, from the burning, and dangerous, from the mining and carbon dioxide.

So the Natural Resources Defense Council thought it would be good this Christmas and holiday season to replace the two chunks of coal with two slices of sweet cucumber. Vegetarians rejoice.

The image of Frosty 2.0 graces the cover of a card the NRDC sent out to friends in the Midwest this year. The clever cards were designed by estudiotres, for the record.

"Why should Frosty continue shilling for coal?" explains Josh Mogerman, a Chicago spokesman for the NRDC. "We know we have to move away from the dirty stuff, so our snowmen can be green, too."

Some people have mistaken the cucumber slices for kiwi. But this writer guessed correctly, right out of the gate.

Was that magician with the top hat, who let Frosty melt in the greenhouse, actually a coal baron? Just a thought.

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