Holos Asset Management

Holos Asset Management.



Wealth and Asset Management Companies come in all shapes and sizes. From independent one person financial advisors to massive institutional investment firms.

But one thing the companies in the financial sectors all have in common is the need for a well executed Brand + Identity System that accompany marketing materials that are consistent in messaging and visuals.

HOLOS Asset Management is a small, nimble asset management firm that wanted to meet with potential clients that were historically reachable to only large institutional brand name money management companies.

We created a clean and simple branding / identity system guidelines that could be easily integrated into their internal materials. The goal of any brand is to be consistent and recognizable.

"Our product was superior, we simply needed to look as good as our numbers are."

Seth Hanau | President Holos Asset Management

Through consistent copy writing prose, visuals and typography we were able to create several marketing avenues including: Brochures, Folders, Post Cards, and Performance Addendums that made Holos look like the big boys in their sector.