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estudiotres partnered with our oldest partner firm, Mauge, to help develop a new law firm's online presence.

We care!
We are here to defend you!

Mauge studied what most people call “ambulance chaser” style marketing and advertising and worked on helping the client with a perspective that they actually believe in. Yes, there is money involved and yes these are horrific situations - but Kaveny + Kroll are actually concerned and respectful of their clients. They understand the issue, the “negligence” and know that money isn’t always the only solution. They understand that because a wage earner or leader of a household etc have been lost or injured... Something needs to happen - there needs to be a solution/restitution.

Mauge created a brand, a message and estudiotres helped develop a digital program based on these trial lawyers concern for justice and fairness. We stripped away the oak panels and brought this firm in to the 21st century aesthetic. They are the guides, the educators - the defenders.

The ambulance-chaser reputation exists for a reason, but it’s not because of Kaveny + Kroll. This new law firm launched on the strength of the attorneys’ reputations for the challenging, complex cases that other firms can’t handle. Mauge created a full brand to appeal to these potential clients, creating consumer confidence that someone is finally on their side.

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